January 20, 2017


What is Auricular Acupuncture?

Aurciulotherapy is a health care modality in which the external surface of the ear is stimulated to alleviate symptoms throughout the body. Acupuncture and Chiropractic go hand in hand. The stimulation of acupuncture points decreases the resistance to the adjustment delivered and allows the patient to get better faster when the two are used in conjunction.


I don’t like needles!

No problem! Dr. Unruh uses acupuncture without the need for needles by using the Pointer Plus device. This device stimulates the same points that needles would stimulate without the need to wait 8-10 minutes for its effects! The Pointer Plus uses micro-currents to achieve the proper balance in chi so your body can get well. No needles necessary!


Will it Hurt?

Nope! While some feel a mild electrical sensation, most feel little to no discomfort during the deliverance of the treatment. The micro-current floods through your ear just under the pain threshold allowing you to get all of the benefits of acupuncture without the pain and time required for traditional needles.


How does it work??

Many have heard that acupuncture may be able to help their pain or condition, but many never use it because they don’t know how it works. Well, here it is: Endorphins block the pain receptors in your body so you feel a diminished sensation of pain. Endorphins have been shown to increase throughout the body after the stimulation of certain auricular acupuncture points. Along with the release of endorphins, Chi is also a major factor in how acupuncture works.  Chi is the energy that flows throughout your body, and individual acupuncture points can help stimulate this energy to flow through your body properly. Think of Chi like the blood in your body, some enters an organ and some exits an organ. Without the balance of incoming and outgoing blood or energy, you have a problem. Acupuncture stimulates the Chi, focusing it on the organs necessary for your body to heal itself.

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