August 3, 2016

New Patients

If you would like to save time on your first visit, you may download and complete the following forms:

New Patient Paperwork


After the paperwork is completed, we will begin your consultation with Dr. Unruh. He will review your reasons for seeking care as well as your medical history.

After the consultation is done, Dr. Unruh will perform a new patient examination. This includes orthopedic and neurologic tests, vitals, and a general physical which may include X-rays if necessary. There are over 1.2 million nerves running through your spine and 31 pairs of spinal nerves, so we like to be careful with what we do.

If you are in pain, we will typically perform a relief treatment on the first day, as well as send you home with instructions of what you can do to aid in your recovery. We will then schedule your follow up appointment for a time that is convenient for you.


On your second visit, we will go over your exam and X-Ray results, as well as discuss your care plan. Each care plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual, so Dr. Unruh will come up with a plan just for you. We will also go over insurance benefits on this day and answer any questions you may have. Once this is completed, you will be adjusted, and we will begin your path to wellness.


Further visits will follow your individual care plan that was developed by Dr. Unruh. These visits are meant to halt your symptoms, reduce pain, and correct your problem. We do our best to respect your time while you are with us and keep your wait to a minimum.

Our ultimate goal is to make our patients feel welcomed and appreciated. We want you to leave our office having enjoyed your chiropractic care with us and feeling amazing.



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