November 19, 2019

Scoliosis Chiropractor

Scoliosis Chiropractor

Pain is not normal, it is your body telling you that something is wrong. Many individuals with scoliosis are unaware that chiropractic care can help reduce their pain significantly, while preventing further spine degradation and improve their overall quality of life. A Scoliosis Chiropractor works to help get you out of pain.

Scoliosis is an irregular spine curvature. A person with scoliosis has a lateral curve that is greater than 10 degrees. Many individuals suffering from scoliosis have obvious uneven shoulders, waist, and/or hips. They may also have noticeable rib humps or protrusion of the lower back on the side with the curve.

Adult scoliosis is often the result of adolescent scoliosis that was un-diagnosed or untreated. Which is typically detected during a person’s teenage years. Some individuals can develop scoliosis during their adult life, but most of them have had this condition for much of their adolescent life.

Scoliosis can:Scoliosis Chiropractor

  • create issues with your balance,
  • reduce height as the lateral spine curvature bends the body shape out of proportion.

If left untreated it can potentially lead to numerous health issues. A Scoliosis Chiropractor, such as Dr Unruh, can help you treat these issues.

Even minor cases of scoliosis that a young child may have can cause degenerative disc disease and spinal osteoarthritis when they get older. Degenerative changes can ultimately interfere with nerve functions to vital organs and muscles, which can cause a series of additional health problems.

At Unruh Chiropractic and Wellness we treat the entire family from pregnancy to Seniors to Adults to Children. Patients with Scoliosis is one of our specialty areas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions where you can speak directly to Dr. Ryan Unruh.

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